Cabañeros National Park

You’ll have an unforgettable experience, enjoying nature at its best. This is ensured by the park’s more than 1000 botanical species and varied fauna, with almost 300 vertebrate species, and close to 200 types of birds. And it goes without saying that it’s one of the best-preserved MEDITERRANEAN FORESTS in Europe.

LA RAÑA LOWLANDS: Essential image of Cabañeros

Among all the sensations suggested by this landscape, the most significant may well be the feeling of loneliness… but this astounding area is not empty: it’s a matter of knowing how to look. It is the place where deer, wild boar and roe deer roam leisurely, at the times of day when the heat abates. Various birds of prey, such as the black-winged kite, the Montagu’s harrier, cross the skies; and you won’t be indifferent to the shadow of the Cinereous vulture. The area is also a hunting and roaming ground for the Spanish imperial eagle.

THE HILLS: Cool down in their dense oak and cork oak groves

The thing that best defines the Cabañeros landscape is not the spectacular mountain view, or the mystery of dark forests; it’s not the hustle and bustle of life in the extensive wetlands… CABAÑEROS is all that and more: it is smell. Indeed, Cabañeros has a landscape that is, in addition to beautiful and serene, aromatic. Venturing into its bushy rock rose and heather groves will leave the intense aroma of these plants embedded in your memory.