Considered the most ancient mines in the world, they are almost 2,000 years old. A world heritage site since 2012.


Emblematic national park in castilla-la mancha. The Tablas de Daimiel are unique wetlands in europe.


This was an important strategic centre during one of the most war-torn and decisive stages of the late middle ages.


One of the most active and important theatrical hubs in the land. Almagro breathes theatre year-round, but it is its summer classical theatre festival that fills its quiet streets with small theatre troupes.

Toledo, la ciudad de las tres culturas

Its gorgeous and astonishing historic centre has been declared a world heritage site, and it maintains its medieval layout. The famous city of three cultures is one of the most beautiful in Spain.


Its Santa María de Guadalupe royal monastery is the main pilgrimage centre in the Iberian peninsula, after Santiago de Compostela.

Wine Cellars

It’s also possible to visit and buy the region’s magnificent wine at three bodegas, or wine cellars, close to alcoba.